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Keystone at Your Own Pace

By Caitlin Moore

Something was missing from your last vacation. You had some laughs, saw some interesting sights, and returned home feeling pretty rested, but there were a few things that rubbed you the wrong way. You disliked having to eat out for every meal, and even grabbing a quick bite always turned into an overpriced production. You appreciated the chance to get the whole family together, but piling into your tiny hotel room led to a few tense moments. Your lodgings were a bargain, but all the money you ended up spending on transportation, parking, tips, and that moment of weakness when you raided the mini-bar, definitely pushed your vacation beyond your planned budget.

Itís time for the next trip, and youíre ready to do it right. Youíve decided to take the family to Keystone, which youíve heard is an all-around paradise for active-minded vacationers. To ensure that all goes well, youíre looking for that extra something that will set this getaway apart from all the others. What could that special ingredient be?

Imagine waking up without the helpful beep-beep of the alarm clock, wrapping yourself in a cozy bathrobe, and sipping a cup of coffee as you take in the powdery peaks from your picture window. This moment of calm is soon replaced by sheer exhilaration, as you find yourself zooming down the very slopes that you were admiring just a few minutes ago. When your muscles call out for a rest, hop on the next shuttle and be deposited at your front door, where youíll marvel anew at the welcoming sight of your classy, oh-so-convenient mountainside condo.

After your visit to the grocery store down the street, your pantry is now packed with all the staples youíll need for the duration of your trip. Healthy, pre-skiing breakfast foods and a few snacks for cocktail hour will let you save a few bucks and invite you to set the pace for this vacation. There are several restaurants and bars in the nearby village, but donít be surprised if your end-of-the-day soak in the whirlpool tub has inspired you to hole up in your cabin with a good book and a warm fire.

You canít get over the fact that the wooded setting of your vacation rental makes you feel secluded and relaxed, yet you really arenít that far away from an abundance of activities. The kids discovered an ice skating rink just a short walk away, and you plan to venture all of six miles down the road for some great outlet mall shopping. Never before have you felt so well-situated without being kept awake at night by traffic, noise, and the voices of your fellow vacationers. You were surprised to hear that the night owls in the family stayed up and watched a movie last night, at the same time you were enjoying some of the best and most undisturbed sleep of your life.

If you are more of a summertime traveler, the perks of a Keystone vacation home will be just as noteworthy. This is the place for mountain biking, fishing, nature observing, and golfing, all before a backdrop of stunning mountains and turquoise skies. Youíll enjoy everything all more when it only requires a quick walk or bike ride to get to your desired location, so forget about gas prices and be kind to the earth for a few days.

The heated pool will bring the family together for an afternoon of fun, as will the gas grill and expansive patio surrounded by aspens and blue spruce. Make yourselves at home in this privileged spot, and keep in mind that youíre probably spending about the same amount of money as you did on your last, less-relaxed vacation.

If this scenario has ignited your imagination and promised to help lift the burden from your shoulders, then donít waste any time researching all your Keystone Vacation Rental options. There is a place out on the mountain, waiting for you and your family to come claim it for a few blessed days of well-deserved tranquility.

Visit HomeAway.com to discover the vacation rental that will make your next trip far better than the last.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Caitlin_Moore

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