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Lake Powell Escapes

By Richard Rspad

Escapes are great way to escape the stress of daily life. Lake Powell escapes give you the opportunity to get out in the fresh air and experience a huge lake with stunning canyon views.

Lake Powell is a man-made water construction located on the Colorado River in between the states of Utah and Arizona. This reservoir, which was created by the flooding of the Glen Canyon by the erection of the Glen Canyon Dam, is a popular summer destination within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Surrounded by beautiful red rock formations along a total of 1900 miles of coastline, Lake Powell has become a great place to take vacations with families and friends. Lake Powell escapes are perfect for rediscovering a sense of family, fun and nature.

One of the more unique Lake Powell escapes comes in the form of staying on a houseboat on the lake. The Lake Powell Resort, which offers traditional lodging as well, rents houseboats to vacationers who want the experience of putting up and down the lake and finding their own spots to anchor each evening. Houseboats range from “standard” to “luxury” and cost between $1500 and $10,000 per seven day rental. Most of these boats can sleep between eight and 12 people, making them a great choice for those with big or extended families. Houseboats offer different amenities depending on the type, and also come in different sizes. The most luxurious boat, named the Odyssey, offers such amenities as six state rooms with queen size beds, three in-suite bathrooms, hot tub, fireplace, satellite TV (on the water! Truly a home away from home, this houseboat has it all.

For those families who would rather have more modest Lake Powell escapes, there are also houseboats that will meet your needs. The most inexpensive houseboat, the Explorer, offers families all of the basic needs to stay on board, while costing about a tenth of the luxury price. This boat still has the ability to sleep ten people, but also allows a family to “rough” it a bit more with a feel more like an RV than a luxury home.

Of course, not all Lake Powell escapes involve staying on a houseboat, and for those land-lubbers who'd rather stay in a traditional room, the Lake Powell Resort has those too. Also available is the Defiance House Lodge on Bullfrog Marina across from the Lake Powell Resort. Be sure to rent one of the many types of watercraft available for day rental, and enjoy all the lake has to offer.

While lodging is available on the shore, you really want to go with a houseboat. The lake is incredibly large, but also offers little nooks and crannies in majestic red rock canyons where you can take in serene silence and do a bit of fishing!

Richard Rspad is with Resort Spa Destinations - getaway to resorts and spas.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Richard_Rspad

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