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Lose Yourself in Las Vegas

By Caitlin Moore

It seems unlikely that a city could spring up in the middle of the desert, much less a city of such energy, color and non-stop entertainment that it attracts upwards of 35 million visitors every year, but no one ever said that Las Vegas was normal. It’s not even very predictable, meaning that it seems to exist in a state of constant movement and change. In other words, even if you’ve been to this sparkling and somewhat hypnotic destination before, another visit could reveal an entirely different experience altogether.

So whether it’s your first time or your twenty first, there’s no possible way that you’ll suffer even one minute of boredom while you’re here. From golf to shopping, shows to, of course, casino hopping, there’s just no chance for a dull moment to arise. Many people come here to relax but end up avoiding the typical rejuvenating scenarios like sleeping a lot and lounging around. Instead, Las Vegas travelers tend to recharge their batteries by playing, partying and distracting their minds from work and responsibility by means of constant stimulation. This works just as well as the other brands of vacation you’ve so far experienced; curiously, you just don’t need as much sleep when you’re in this town.

If you want to get your poker or slot machine fix, you can approach it one of two ways. Either research a little bit, choosing the places that most appeal to you based on their history or decorative scheme (which could range from high-class to schmaltzy) or if you’re more of an adventurer, just hit the strip. Take a walk along the most famous street in the city and let the sights and sounds widen your eyes and ring in your ears. You may be nearly overwhelmed if you try to see everything all at once, so do yourself a favor and try to focus on each whirring, buzzing place individually as you decide which will be the site of your first (or second, or third) hand of cards.

If you’re more interested in a holistic Las Vegas vacation and not just a gambling-focused one, you’ll probably have to prioritize the many things you’ll want to do and then hope you get to them all. Not to burst your bubble, but this probably just isn’t possible. Book a spa day if you’d like to try a full-body massage or if your feet are in need of a pampering pedicure, and be aware that this is the place to be to try any of the newest skin treatment technologies. Men and women alike tend to look their best in this appearance-oriented city.

Stay in shape at a fitness facility or burn a few calories on the golf course; there are dozens to choose from, many of them considered to be the most beautiful and well-maintained in the world. After you’ve worked up an appetite and justified it to yourself, you’ll definitely want to splurge on a marvelous meal. Las Vegas is known for its vibrant culinary scene and array of delectable restaurant offerings, so get ready to eat well and be amazed.

There’s always some show or another going on here, from traveling acts to traditional favorites. Plan your trip to coincide with a concert of your favorite band, who’s likely been here more than once, or stop by one of the nightly shows filled with acrobatic wonders, feathery fun, or dancing extravaganzas. Las Vegas is all about the concept of the spectacle, and what better way to enjoy this than by settling into a plush chair before a brightly lit stage?

Those of you with a wild side will be faced with a number of temptations, so be ready for anything from an impromptu wedding to a karaoke challenge. Some people end up staying up all night winning and losing money, others would probably prefer not to say what it was that kept them awake until the break of dawn. Alibis and excuses tumble from just about everyone’s mouths here, so be ready with a few of your own (or at least bring someone along who shares your inclinations).

Play it safe or be a little mischievous, Las Vegas will keep your secrets safe while showing you an incredible time. And, while hotels line the streets along with casinos and flashing signs, consider treating yourself to a vacation rental. It’s not the usual way to do things, but then again, there is no such thing as “unusual” in this crazy place. The bottom line is that there are hundreds of vacation properties, each with its own personality and level of luxury that can be found in and around Las Vegas. You won’t regret at least checking these desert-style homes and spacious new condos out online.

No matter what you plan (or don’t plan), Las Vegas will end up grabbing hold of you and won’t let go until you’re totally oblivious of the stress that usually plagues you. Book your flight, reserve your Las Vegas Vacation Rental, and prepare yourself for the unexpected. Actually, you can count on one thing; you’re going to be glad you chose to make it a Vegas vacation.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Caitlin_Moore

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