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Phoenix Arizona

Smack dab in the middle of the state of Arizona is a city known for many things; it's busy and bustling, filled with diverse activities, and as a vacation destination, it's hot in more ways than one. If you've yet to visit the Phoenix, also known as the "Valley of the Sun," then consider gracing it with your presence sometime soon in order to see what all the fuss is about.

Central Arizona may evoke images of cacti and vast stretches of dry sand, but even though this is the site of the Sonoran Desert it's not at all desolate. Dams have made it possible for recreational lakes to exist, and a few sets of mountains give the landscape a beautiful touch. Take a look around you; each direction will reveal a different, spectacular view that is surely unlike any other you currently have access to....read more »

One of America's top outdoor destinations and the country's fifth largest city, it is not an accident that Phoenix is home to several of the best destination resorts located in the United States. Explore desert parks and lakes, tour archaeology ruins and historic gold mining towns, or visit one of the many the museums and state-of-the-art sporting facilities.

From Surprise to Apache Junction, the twenty distinct communities that make up the greater Phoenix area offer visitors everything from the slow-paced rural southwest to a bustling college atmosphere. Whether your interest is sports or archaeology, history or hiking, biking, horseback riding, or bird watching Phoenix offers something for everyone not wanting to venture beyond the Valley of the Sun....read more »

Phoenix is the capital and largest city of the state of Arizona, United States. The biggest draw of Phoenix is its winter-time climate. You can expect frost about once every other year in Phoenix. Hordes of midwesterners flee to Phoenix each winter to escape the brutal cold back home.

Phoenix boasts an incredible quality of life. Housing is cheap and roomy. Streets are wide, traffic is light for a city this size, and the climate is conducive to an extremly laid-back existance. Every class of society is represented in the Phoenix area, and most co-habitate fairly pleasantly. ...read more »

Phoenix, Arizona- A Romantic Getaway

Driving from the airport to Phoenix, we knew we were experiencing a city that was very much unlike many of the major metropolises in the USA or Canada.

Our first clue was that everything seemed new to us, even the expressways with their unique architecture paying tribute to the city's Native American heritage.

What was most impressive was its unique towering desert mountain skyline that was not hidden by huge skyscrapers. Yes, there were a few tall buildings around, however, nothing to compare to those of New York, Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto or Montreal. And these were not obstructing the magnificent views of Squaw Peak, Camelback Mountain, the bulky South Mountains, or the McDowells.....read more »

Visitors Guide to Phoenix, Arizona

Standing on the northern side of the Sonoran Desert, in the aptly named 'Valley of the Sun' Phoenix is one of the most popular cities in Arizona. Known for its extremely sunny weather and related winter tourist trade, Phoenix has much to offer visitors, with strip malls surrounding the downtown district...read more »

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