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It's About Time For A Rocky Mountain National Park Vacation
By Caitlin Moore

Sitting at a desk for too long leads to stiff muscles. Indoor air is stale and can be germ-ridden. Traffic jams have a way of inspiring an unparalleled level of frustration. These unfortunate truths are side effects of daily life, but that doesnít mean that we should all just give up and accept a dull and uninspiring existence. The time has come to take a vacation to the great outdoors, where relaxation will go hand in hand with unfettered living and breathing.

Rocky Mountain National Park is just the right setting for a rewarding experience with the ones you love. In this sprawling gem within the heart of Colorado, there are activities, sights and thrills to spare. Start by wrapping your brain around this fact: there are 355 miles of hiking trails up for exploration, ranging from flat and accessible for beginners to far more challenging. If this doesnít cure the problem of office doldrums and atrophied muscles due to cubicles, nothing will. Pack a picnic lunch, some bottled water and a light jacket just in case of high-altitude showers and youíll be well prepared for a day of fresh air and physical rejuvenation.

Since 1915, this park has been enchanting visitors with its endless opportunities for discovery. Though always a struggle to maintain a large natural habitat, over the years Rocky Mountain National Park has been well-preserved. The majestic peaks overlook valleys and streams that will sharpen your senses; it might be a shock to take in so much pristine scenery all at once when youíre used to a whole other world.

Watch for the year-round inhabitants of this precious region. There are herds of elk, deer and longhorn sheep that wander the area and moose are not unheard of. Birds, otters, reptiles and butterflies are a few more life forms that spice up the environment, so be sure to bring the camera and binoculars in order to best see and document all that this rich land is sure to reveal. It is important to enjoy these privileged sights with respect, so heed all signs and expert advice when crossing paths with Coloradoís critters.

Wildflowers and warm weather certainly make spring and summer fine times to visit the park, but other seasons have their perks. Autumn foliage brings out the best that the trees have to offer while wintertimeís generous snow makes for an assortment of playful activities. Because the park is so large itís important to do a little planning before setting out for a day of frivolity; make sure to head to the right place if you have a certain goal in mind. For example, the west side of the park is best for those looking to ski or snowshoe in serious powder while the east side is more suited for dabblers. There are no lifts within the park, but that doesnít mean that plenty of fun canít be had.

Snowmobiling and sledding are also options in some areas of the park, ensuring that everyone will find something to do. Getting to know the terrain from the road is also an option during any time of the year, and makes traversing the heights a bit less taxing. Scenic drives let everyone enjoy the view simultaneously and allow greater heights to be reached. Pick up a map from a rangerís station and let the adventuring begin.

Harmony between visitors and nature is the theme of all Rocky Mountain National Park experiences and a vacation spent soaking in a less-traveled spot on the map is sure to revive the work-induced blues that currently plague you. The fact that youíre seriously considering a break from reality means that itís long overdue, so start planning your escape immediately. A number of towns, large and small, are sprinkled throughout this region of the state, making lodging options diverse and plentiful. One smart choice would be to look into a vacation rental in Estes Park, Grand Lake, Solvista or Granby. Securing a comfortable house or cabin in or near a cozy town is the best way to see it all without sacrificing the high hopes you have for what a getaway should be.

Pitching a tent in the wilderness is one way to go about creating a change of scenery, but for those of us whoíd like to feel in touch with nature yet taken care of at the same time then a Rocky Mountain National Park Vacation Rental is probably the best way to go. The view from the windows reveals something wild but inside the house you have a soft bed, a full kitchen, plenty of modern amenities and all the space you need to ensure that claustrophobia never sets in.

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