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San Diego Zoo
By John Saras

The San Diego Zoo is located in the beautiful Balboa Park area of San Diego, California. The zoo is one of the largest zoos in the world with over 4,000 different animals and 800 different species. The San Diego Zoo also operates the San Diego Wild Animal Park, where the animals have more freedom than in the zoo. Some of the animals are frequently exchanged from these two places.

The San Diego Zoo lies on 100 acres of parkland that is leased from the City of San Diego. All the animals, equipment and other assets are owned by the City of San Diego.

Visitors to the zoo have the opportunity to see the whole zoo with the help of a bus that covers 75% of the park. This option is nice for those who may like a more leisurely experience and or a personal tour guide.

There are different exhibits in the zoo that are designed around particular habitats. Each distinct habitat contains different animals that can also be found in nature. For example, there is an African rain forest, where gorillas can be found and an Arctic tundra that is full of polar bears. Also some of the largest aviaries can be found in San Diego Zoo.

The sunny, warm sea climate suits many plants and animals. Besides the many rare animal species, many very rare plants can be found in its arboretum. In the plant section of the San Diego Zoo food is often grown to fee the animals.. For example, bamboo is grown for the pandas and eucalyptus trees for the koalas.

The San Diego Zoo also offers a zoo membership and has over 250,000 members. Members are allows to visit the San Diego Zoo all year long and also get a subscription to the San Diego Zoo magazine, ZooNooz. The Zoo covers its costs with ticket sales and also uses part of the income for science and conservation.

The San Diego Zoo is extremely active in conservation and preservation of different species. The Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species raises and releases pandas, tigers, rhinos, and condors into the eir natural habitat.

The San Diego Zoo also produces the TV Program hosted by Joan Embery. She is a frequent guest on The Tonight Show on CBS.

Original source : http://www.bestofcalifornia.info/san_diego/san_diego_zoo.html You can find more tips on traveling in California here - http://www.bestofcalifornia.info and here http://www.bestofcalifornia.info/articles.html

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=John_Saras

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