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San Francisco Attractions
by David H. Urmann

Discover San Francisco in a unique and intimate way. See some of the worlds most famous attractions

San Francisco, California is among the worlds favorite tourist destinations. Hollywood is the most famous and visited attraction here. Aside from its many luxurious hotels and accommodation places or its historical ties meshed with its modern financial district and shopping centers, San Francisco offers many attractions you'd find nowhere else in the world.

A historic landmark in California, this scene of many Hollywood productions is a 1.7-mile suspended roadway. Supported by 750-foot tall twin towers, this orange-painted bridge turns into a lovely, romantic backdrop at night. But for more than its scenic beauty, the Golden Gate Bridge is famous the world over because it has stood strong through the over 70 years it has stood strong. No other structure in the world has withstood strong winds, heavy truckloads or earthquake tremors.

The Fisherman's Wharf is a neighborhood encompassing San Francisco's northern waterfront area. It is a mix of new and old worlds. Many of San Francisco's famous and luxurious hotels, including Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Marriott and Hilton Hotels are all located on here, offering their guests a stunning view of the bay area. Aside from its scenic beauty, the Fisherman's Wharf is the site of many attractions in San Francisco. A day tour of this neighborhood will take you to many spots tourists and locals alike flock to.

The Wax Museum is one of these many landmarks. For adults and children alike, hours spent exploring hundreds of intricately sculpted wax figures are fascinatingly life-like. In a stunning array of floor after floor of life-like displays, children find history; arts and literature come to life as they go from the Presidential Library and get to know past presidents. Adults who may never have appreciated artwork in their lives are awed by the magnificent display of famous artworks and their master artists in the Palace of the Living Arts. From artists to zombies and sports to political figures, you'll find them all at the Wax Museum.

The San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park is another main attraction along the Fisherman's Wharf. Complete with a fleet of historical vessels, a library and research facility and a museum, the old San Francisco Maritime Museum is only one of its many resources. Visitors to the park stop at the Visitor's center housed at the park's 1909 warehouse, declared as a historic landmark in 1974 by the City of San Francisco. Inside, visitor's get a close up glimpse of San Francisco's maritime history with exhibits that include a shipwrecked boat. The Aquatic Park Historic District is also part of the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

Of course, a cruise along San Francisco's bay on board the Blue & Gold Fleet takes you to an adventure along the city's historic water font past Pier 39 and under the famous Golden Gate Bridge. The Cruise would also take you by Angel Island and around the notorious prison island of Alcatraz, another one of San Francisco's many historic landmarks.

There is a lot more to discover and visit in San Francisco, a lot of exciting things to see. Whether it is a family vacation, business trip, a friends' trip or a romantic getaway, there's something for you in this bustling city where history and modernity come together. Discovering San Francisco is definitely fun when you visit its most famous attractions.

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