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Experience Sunriver from a Vacation Rental  
by Caitlin Moore

Something about Sunriver has caught your eye. Maybe it's the idyllic name, or perhaps it's the fact that it's located in woodsy, peaceful Central Oregon. It's not too close to anything else but it's not so far as to be isolated in an unsettling way, either. Somehow it seems the perfect setting for the vacation you've been unconsciously looking forward to for months, years even.

As you start to plan this trip to the friendly-sounding string of villages east of the Cascades, you want to make sure that you do it just right. You've been burned before in the lodging department, choosing a place based on a picture and then upon your arrival, being greeted with a threadbare and much less appealing version. You don't want to get stuck next to the loudest talkers you've ever crossed paths with, and would rather not have to keep your clothes in a wrinkled heap due to lack of closet space.

Go with your heart this time, and plan to rent a vacation property to make your stay in Sunriver a true delight. A little investigation will uncover dozens of available homes, hideaways, and cottages, each one a little different. From a log cabin on the river to a modern lodge near the mall, there is surely a place that will fit your vision of the ideal vacation.

If you're visiting in the summer and hope to enjoy some quality hiking and biking time, you might want to reserve a newly remodeled property located right on the trail. Heading off in one direction will take into the forest for a retreat into nature, and if you go the other way you'll come across a swimming pool, a family park, shops, and a grocery store. Sandwiched between the wild woods and the bustle of civilization, you'll feel tucked away into the perfect spot.

These outdoor sights might seem irrelevant at times, however, as the interior of your vacation rental will tempt you to stay close. Pergo floors, pillow-top king sized mattresses, a huge deck, and a fully-equipped kitchen will have you feeling pampered, and when you see the size of the closet in the master bedroom, you'll congratulate yourself for doing things differently this time. A wood burning fireplace will make your evenings ripe for romance, and the inviting family room will encourage everyone to catch up on each other's lives.

Televisions, DVD players, board games, and baby gear should add the finishing touches to your vacation rental's offerings. With special needs met and all whims accounted for, your experience of Sunriver will be colored in a rosy light. You never realized it before, but having a more-than-satisfying home base on your vacation really affects everything else you see and do. The already fresh air will seem a bit fresher, and the sun will shine brighter than it ever has before, or so it seems, anyway.

Several properties can be found close to Mt. Bachelor, so if you plan to visit in the winter for some time on the slopes be sure to check into one of these mountain-themed lodges. The High Desert Museum, Cascades Lakes resort, and several golf courses and tennis courts are also popular attractions, so whether you have a goal in mind or not as you rise every morning, you'll certainly end up with lots to do as you set out from your conveniently located vacation home.

All in all, you're glad to do things right this time around. With just a little investigation and the ability to be bold enough to declare what you want, you'll end up seeing the sights of Sunriver from a privileged vantage point. Freedom and comfort paired with a beautiful vacation resort can only lead to a satisfying experience, so go online to pick out the Sunriver Vacation Rental that will erase all previous lodging mishaps from your mind.

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