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Vacationing in Sunriver
By Caitlin Moore

Youíve done city vacations, youíve seen a few beaches, and goodness knows youíve spent more than enough time sleeping on relativesí fold out couches. Now, youíre ready for a vacation that will show you something new. You want spectacular scenery and plenty of breathing room. You also want to go somewhere that knows how to treat a traveler. That place, the one that will give you all of this and maybe a little more, is Sunriver, Oregon.

Located in the Central part of the state just alongside the Cascade Mountains, Sunriver is a resort town that was essentially created to show people a good time. No matter what your definition of fun is, be it taking it easy or searching for adventure, as long as you like pleasant scenery and fresh air youíre sure to enjoy a little visit to this charmed collection of villages.

Being that the Deschutes River runs along the western side of Sunriver for approximately five miles, there are a number of water-themed recreational opportunities available to visitors. National Forest is also at hand, giving hikers and bikers plenty of room to branch out and pursue the solitude that real life tends to obliterate. Pack your hiking boots and your biking gear and prepare to hear the sweet sounds of nature.

Warm summer days and cool nights make for pleasant conditions for other pursuits, particularly sports. Golf courses, tennis courts, and riding stables will keep you and your traveling companions outside for as long as the sun is shedding its light over the striking terrain. Nothing is better than feeling your lungs filled with fragrant mountain air and seeing your loved ones with flushed cheeks and smiling faces as they happily exert themselves. Days filled with exercise wonít seem taxing, and youíll delight in the fact that your vacation wonít leave you feeling sluggish or overweight, like some often do.

Dozens of nearby fishing lakes will bring out the angler in everyone. It may be possible to catch the prize of a lifetime, but donít be surprised if you end up dozing beneath a wide-brimmed hat as you gently float on the placid surface. At the end of the day, all that will matter is your state of mind, so donít feel bad for coming home empty-handed.

The warm weather months are perfect for nurturing the explorerís soul that dwells deep within you, so donít hesitate to set out with a picnic lunch, a compass, and just the vaguest of itineraries. Several peaks will tempt you to head for a higher elevation, and lava lands will make you feel like youíve stepped onto the surface of another planet altogether. This will seem fitting, as youíll certainly have forgotten all about the anxieties and deadlines that previously dogged you.

August brings along the Sunriver Music Festival, so make this the time of your visit if you have an interest in guitar-strumming and people-watching. Soulful music goes perfectly with the emotions youíll feel as you get back to nature, so be ready to make some inner discoveries as you listen to the songs of others beneath the immense blue sky.

Winter travelers will find just as many opportunities for entertainment and worldly wandering within the reaches of Sunriver. Mt. Bachelor is a few miles away, and the space between is crisscrossed with miles of skiing and snowmobile trails. Whether youíre interested in cross country or downhill, youíll find yourself in the right place to catch some speed in the crisp and lovely ambiance of the Pacific Northwest. Also, the ample retail opportunities of this tourist-friendly destination make for a good diversion for those people always looking for a bargain, so save some time for shopping and sipping coffee on a blustery afternoon.

For the ultimate Sunriver experience, look into renting a vacation home to achieve the utmost privacy, convenience, and comfort all in the same place. A quiet retreat thatís close to the river yet tucked away from any other houses will leave you feeling cozy and at ease without being completely isolated. The kitchen makes it possible to avoid venturing out too early in the day, and the flip-of-a-switch fireplace makes romantic evenings a distinct possibility.

If all of this sounds like the correct interpretation of the vacation thatís been quietly calling out to you for so long, then go online to pick out the perfect Sunriver Vacation Rental and pack your bags for a trip that will leave you rested and ever so changed, in a good way, of course.

Visit HomeAway.com for a wide selection of vacation rental properties and prepare for a trip that will outdo all others.

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