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Planning Your Las Vegas Holiday
By Juliette Van Rooyen

The glitz and glamour of Las Vegas attracts us all, like moths to a flame. The lifestyle in Las Vegas seems to be so alien to any life that exists outside that staying there too long makes everything else feel unreal. It's one of the reasons why short breaks in Las Vegas are encouraged. There seems to be too much to do, no matter how long your holiday in Las Vegas is, but on short holidays you can plan out your days to make sure you get to fit in all the essentials. The key to planning a short holiday is not to over pack your schedule as it tends to tire you out and can end up ruining your holiday.

Part of the attraction of a short holiday in Las Vegas is that everything is so much bigger than in real life and it gives you a chance to step outside reality for a little bit. Each of the hotels competed for your custom in a way that makes you stand and stare. The displays that you can view are mind blowing, particularly considering that you donít have to pay for them and considering the amount of money that was spent on them. The other amazing thing that you notice on a short Las Vegas holiday is the huge contrast between the area known as the Strip and the desert that surrounds Las Vegas.

The casinos and hotels are all clustered into an area that is easy to move around in so you can walk between the different attractions. Walking from place to place allows you to get a better feel for the general atmosphere and on a short holiday in Las Vegas you want to experience as much of it as possible. A large number of the different attractions are inside different hotels and casinos so walking down the road can help you explore the area more thoroughly and productively.

The individual hotels, like the Bellagio and Caesar's Palace spend a large sum of money on entertainment and attractions to entice a greater number of people into their hotels and their casinos. The benefit of this is felt by everyone since the attractions are often put on display for free to attract potential punters. This means you can move from hotel to hotel along the strip and experience an amazing light and water fountain show at the Ballagio and move on to a volcanic eruption outside the Mirage. The nature of the city means that you can spend every waking minute of your short Las Vegas break doing something interesting, regardless of what time of day or night it is.

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